About i-cHD


As leaders in the industry, i-cHD ™ travels ON-SITE to provide complete comprehensive eye exams, workstation analysis, personal and customized eyewear at the worksite. We have developed equipment methods that are highly advanced and suited to keep the employees visually comfortable all day to increase productivity, performance and profits at the worksite. We acknowledge that an eye exam at a doctor’s office does not accommodate a person’s working conditions. One of i-cHD’s biggest benefits is that it is entirely mobile and travels on-site to collect data, analyze, and assess working environments to provide customized Visual Ergonomics through the patent pending i-cHD™ program.


Our unique program is customizable to each employer’s needs and wants. The i-cHD™ work-site program includes:



Through i-cHD™, employers and employees have direct access to eye care specialists and eyewear at the work-site. i-cHD™ ‘s world renowned eye specialists include, but are not limited to, the following: